The MacKintosh Group at Rice University
Physics of Soft & Biological Matter
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Our research interests concern the fundamental physics of soft matter, of which biological materials are principal examples.

Recent highlights


  • Anupama Gannavarapu, PhD student
  • Prathamesh Kulkarni, PhD student
  • Lucas Cunha, PhD student
  • Sihan Chen, PhD student
  • Sadjad Arzash, PhD student
  • Jordan Shivers, PhD student
  • Tomer Markovich, Postdoc

Selected recent publications

Nonlinear Poisson effect governed by a mechanical critical transition
JL Shivers, S Arzash, FC MacKintosh
Physical Review Letters, 124: 038002 (2020).

Origin of slow stress relaxation in the cytoskeleton
Yuval Mulla, FC MacKintosh, GH Koenderink
Physical Review Letters, 122: 218102 (2019).

Scaling theory for mechanical critical behavior in fiber networks
JL Shivers, S Arzash, A Sharma, FC MacKintosh
Physical Review Letters, 122: 188003 (2019).

Porosity governs normal stresses in polymer gels
HCG de Cagny, BE Vos, M Vahabi, NA Kurniawan, M Doi, GH Koenderink, FC MacKintosh, D Bonn
Physical Review Letters, 117: 217802 (2016).

Strain-controlled criticality governs the nonlinear mechanics of fiber networks
A Sharma, AJ Licup, KA Jansen, R Rens, M Sheinman, GH Koenderink, FC MacKintosh
Nature Physics, 12: 584 (2016).

Broken detailed balance at mesoscopic scales in active biological systems
C Battle, CP Broedersz, N Fakhri, VF Geyer, J Howard, CF Schmidt, FC MacKintosh
Science, 352: 604 (2016).